Do you wish you could reconnect with your partner and build a loving bond that lasts a lifetime? Are you increasingly enmeshed in conflicts over seemingly trivial issues that leave you feeling emotionally raw, misunderstood and unappreciated? If you have children, do you worry that the tension and discord they’re witnessing could harm them and threaten their prospects for establishing healthy relationships?

We all want intimate relationships that strengthen and sustain us. We long for the profound joy of feeling fully appreciated and understood. Too often though, couples who were once happy together find themselves descending into destructive patterns of conflict and mutual blame they feel powerless to change. The person who was once our best friend now seems like an enemy we can no longer trust. We feel baffled, betrayed, and most of all, deeply wounded. We wonder what went wrong and ask ourselves, “Does every relationship have to end this way?”

Most of us are never taught how to resolve our differences in constructive ways. Yet almost all healthy relationships can be restored and renewed if both partners are open to change and willing to learn and apply some basic, commonsense tools. I’ve found this to be true with couples of all ages, marital statuses and sexual orientations. The approach works because we all have the same needs to feel loved and valued.

In my couples work, I draw equally from my professional trauma training and the insights I’ve gained from my own 30+ year marriage and experiences raising two now-grown children. I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches ranging from Gottman’s evidence-based couples therapy to Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I have particular expertise working with individuals and couples contending with sex and love addictions, parenting  and family conflicts, and the breaches of trust that arise from infidelity.

If you and your loved one are struggling with issues like these, I can help. I know from personal experience that counseling can change lives in profoundly positive ways. I will serve as your trusted partner, guiding you through a gentle process of growth and self-discovery towards a relationship where you both feel loved, fulfilled and secure.

Build A Fortified Bond with Your Partner

If you and your partner are ready to work on your relationship to build a lasting connection, I invite you to call me at (602) 399-7871 or contact me here to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. For those with busy schedules, I offer flexible appointment times that include some night and weekend hours.